• Over 60 years of injection molding experience in a wide variety of industries. Master Molded Products certifications include:


  • Design Expertise
    SOLIDWORKS, PRO-E design and CATIA,  along with 3-D modeling in-house using Objet Eden 250 3-D. Master Molded Products can take your ideas and translate them into an economical, practical molded product.

  • Speed
    Rapid response, whether it is to design (1-3 days), on-site 3-D Modeling - Quick Turnaround Prototyping ( 8 to 24 hours),prototype molds (2 to 3 weeks) or order status information (immediately). 

  • Flexibility
    We will respond with creative ideas to all aspects of our business relationship... tooling, costing, design, delivery, continuous improvement, etc. For example, a recent new product was designed in 1 day;
    3-D Printer modeled in 1 day; prototyped in 5 days; and production mold completed in 7 weeks. Total time from concept to introduction: 10 weeks. 

  • Cost
    Competitive pricing, as a result of knowing how to design and execute high-quality, efficient, multi-cavity molds, producing product in state-of-the-art, high-speed molding equipment. 

  • Stability
    Financially-sound, without debt, well-established organization, committed to building long-term strategic customer partnering, working with an experienced management team, that is well positioned for growth into the future.



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