What is your standard lead time? Depending on the part, and type of resin, and if any secondary inserts or special order packaging is required- 4 to 6 weeks. We also do stocking and Kan Ban programs as required.
 Are there any thermoplastic resins you do not process? MMP runs over 240 different types of plastic materials.The only exception is PVC which we do not mold.
What are the annual sales revenue of MMP?  $30 million.
What is the size of our facility in Elgin, Illinois?  110,000 square feet
 What are your normal plant operation hours?  24 hours per day,5 days per week, sometimes Saturday.
 What is the average length of service with MMP?  6.2 years
 Do you have more than one manufacturing location? Master Molded Products is a division of Quantum Plastics.  While there is only one location for the Master Molded Products Division, we invite you to visit Quantum Plastics to learn about our other 4 locations and our other capabilities.
 What is your molding equipment size-range?  33 Plastic Injection Molding machines ranging from 44 to 650 ton
 What is your D and B rating?  D & B Rating: IR2
 What is your Duns number?  Duns #005198510
 What type of molding presses do you have? Primarily Van Dorn,but all of our new presses are the JSW All Electric machine.Future press purchases will be Electric.
 What are the advantages of the all Electric molding presses? Energy savings, quiet, clean (no Hydraulic oils) and precise process controls. Typically, cycles are faster with the all electric molding machines.
 What type of prototyping can you do? We have our own in-house 3D printer an Objet 250. Models can be made within 24 hours of receipt of CAD file.WE also work with urethane and Aluminum molds for short prototyping runs.
Do you have your own toolroom? Yes, for routine mold maintenance and repairs.


1000 Davis Road
Elgin, IL  60123

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